Colorado River Cleanup 2014

Colorado River022313Middle Colorado Watershed Council has just announced the 2014 Spring River Cleanup for the Colorado River. It will be held April 26, 2014 starting at Grand River Park in New Castle, CO at 0800. This River Cleanup will concentrate on the Colorado River between South Canyon and Silt. Let's get out for this and help keep our Colorado River clean. We all need your support.

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Winter is still here at the passes

co_swepctnormal_updateIt has been mostly warm along the Middle Colorado River this late Winter, at least from Glenwood to Rifle. After this last weekend I will say that we should have a good runoff this year. I had to go to Winter Park for the weekend to see my cousins and almost didn't make it due to the storm that moved in.

I was eastbound heading for the Eisenhower tunnel and my brother was westbound over Berthoud Pass. Almost at the same time we found out that both were closed. He had to turn around but I made it to Silverthourne.

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What Happened to Winter

winter-warrior2A very lonely snowman stands guard near the Colorado River recently. He is not the only one wondering what happened to the snow and cold. We have gotten a fair amount of snow so far but we need more to get a decent runoff this spring.

I will be the first to admit that winter fishing can be a bit chilly and not welcoming but I also want the snow to fly. We need more Future Fish Habitat! Please! Did I just see a duck?…

Cold Weather Fly Fishing

Chunky-rainbow-on-the-Henry's-Fork-cropWell the colder weather is settling in all across Colorado. We have seen some snow but no accumlation at this elevation. Still it has gotten colder and it's time to plan and prepare for your trips a little more. That means having enough layers on (or with you) that you can add to or take off depending on the weather.

I found this was necessary on my trip to the Henry's Fork last week. I had long underwear, my hunting shirt, a mid-weight fleece jacket and my waterproof wading jacket on.

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