About TRFF

I have been a fisherman most all of my life. I started fishing for bluegills and sunnies when I was big enough to hold onto a bamboo pole. It was nothing fancy, just a section of bamboo with a line tied to the tip that had a hook and bobber on it. My grandparents owned a cottage on a lake near Scranton, PA and we spent many a day up there fishing and canoeing. We would start the day by digging our own worms, which was as much fun as actually catching the sunnies, then head down to the dock. We would fish until we had a bucket full, then Nana would fry them up for us. Nobody could cook them like my Nana, especially the tails, which were my favorite.

cd-flyfishingAfter moving around the country a bit, from Pennsylvania to New York, then to Alabama and on to Florida, we found ourselves in Colorado. It was while we lived there that I learned about Fly Fishing and developed a new twist in my addiction to fishing. Along the way to mastering fly fishing, I started tying my own flies and even did some tying for local shops. Not a good way to get rich!

Then came a boat. It is the best way for anyone to escape from reality for a few hours (or days). It then seemed natural to start working as a Fly Fishing Guide doing both Wade and Float Trips for fly shops in the Roaring Fork Valley, (near Aspen, CO).

There is no better way to spend a day than floating down a beautiful river in a drift boat, banging flys against the banks, around rocks, trees and into every likely spot where you think there might be a trout. IMHO!

Becoming a guide changed my life forever, because most of the guides I hung out with were also hunters.  It was with them that I started experiencing hunting for Upland birds, Waterfowl, and Elk.  So I added another addiction to my life, Bird Hunting and Elk Hunting.

After a brief stint in MN, I am back to Coplorado and guiding at Roaring Fork Anglers in Glenwood Springs, CO and Alpine Angling in Carbondale, CO. I am also their Online Experience Director, Fly Fishing Guide and webmaster. When I am not sitting at my computer or my fly tying vise, I can be found floating the Roaring Fork River or the Colorado River.

I also support my habits by working on websites at Thunder River Web Design. I have a background in programming and have acquired all the skills to build and optimize websites. I have some loyal clients now but am always open to working with new clients, particularly in the Outdoor Recreation industry. If you are looking for  a new webmaster, need affordable SEO service or just updates to your site please contact me at craig@thunderriverweb.com.  My rates are reasonable and affordable.

Dry Flies and Tight Lines,

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