Cold Weather Fly Fishing

Chunky-rainbow-on-the-Henry's-Fork-cropWell the colder weather is settling in all across Colorado. We have seen some snow but no accumlation at this elevation. Still it has gotten colder and it's time to plan and prepare for your trips a little more. That means having enough layers on (or with you) that you can add to or take off depending on the weather.

I found this was necessary on my trip to the Henry's Fork last week. I had long underwear, my hunting shirt, a mid-weight fleece jacket and my waterproof wading jacket on.

 As the day progressed I had to pull out my heavy fleece with a thermal lining and replace the mid weight fleece. I also brought an extra pair of fingerless gloves, which came in handy, but I longed for my full finger duck hunting gloves.Even the hand warmer packets were working overtime. Brr!

Another thing to think about is having extra clothes with you, just in case you slip in. Wet clothes can be a trip ender but getting dry will prevent hypothermia. That being said as it gets colder you may want to stay close to your vehicle too. Cold hands and feet will enjoy warming up as you head up or down the road to the next fishing spot.