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In this section of the site I will be offering fly fishing tips from a guide perspective. I hope some of them will be helpful to you and you can feel free to share them with your fly fishing friends.

I will be adding information over time including tips on fly fishing gear, fly fishing techniques, fly fishing rigs, fly casting & mending and much more.

The most important factor in Fly Fishing is practice, whether fly casting or tieing knots. The more practice you get the better you will be until it becomes like second nature. Like most guides or fly fishing instructors I do recommend spending time fishing for 'grass carp' in your yard or another open area. You should know your rod well enough that you can tell when it is loading and can feed line out with ease. Of course there is no subsitute for being on the water but you will be able to spend more time catching fish instead of learning to cast.

Tying knots can be a hurdle for most beginners but can be mastered with some practice during commercials in front of your TV. Of course that is providing you have already taken out the trash. Get some larger tippet or Amnesia line and start practicing. Amnesia comes in red & chartruese so you can see what you are doing when begining to learn your knots. There are several animated knot tying videos available in the webernet. Roaring Fork Anglers has one on their website done by Orvis, it can really give you a headstart when learning the standard knots or a new one you want to try.

Please keep checking back for new fly fishing tips.

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