Fishing Report 030713

Well, the weather is here for a little while so I have been taking advantage of it. I have been either in a boat/wading the Colorado River or wading the Roaring Fork River almost every day the last week. Hooking up has been consistant but, of course, some days have been better than others.

You just never know what it will be like but you have to get out there and try it. I have seen results from using a dry to going to the depths with a lot of weight. A good dry fly would be anything you can see, you can't hook them unless you can see them eat it. Try using a Parachute Adams as a indicator fly followed by a tasty midge. Primary nymphs have been a girdle big or other stonefly imatation followed by a caddis larva or midge emerger. Most fish appear to be in the deep holes still but a few are starting to move to faster water holds.

I may not get rich but it is great to be able to fish as much as I do. I am thankful for all of it.  It is also a great way to shake off the winter cobwebs.