Runoff is on


Even though we have been seeing mud for he last couple of weeks, I think we all were thinking we might get a window. Or not! The rivers are raging and muddy as hell. But then it is a good thing all in all. The cycle of the river continues yet again. It was looking pretty dicey thru the winter of 2012-2013, very low flows from the Frying Pan River to the Colorado River and beyond. This stage sets the river up to support trouts and other fishes as well as the birds such as the Herons and Baldys for a healthy year ahead. Gone is the tree limbs and other dead flora that has collected over the past year. Hopefully the runoff will also redistribute the mud on the bottom of the Colorado River that accumulated in a late season blow-out that happen last year.

Take time to pause and reflect on past years fishing and other adventures. Think about passing on your love of fishing and/or floating your home waters and protecting what we are so lucky to have here. Pack out what you pack in. Trash is unsightly and reeks of disrespect to us and the lifeblood of the earth, our water. Check out the Six Risks Facing Fishing at Recycled Fish!

Snowpack Update

This last week the weather took a turn and tempuratures dropped. So did a bunch of much needed snow. So far we have had 2 significant snows in the last couple of days, one was 7-8 inches of the wettest snow I have seen in a long time. Today was a foot of wetter than average snow. It has been a PITA but a blessing also.  I saw on the the (Front) Ranger News station that the Colorado drainage is now at 94% and looking a lot better. WooHoo!

Hopper Dropper

Hopper Dropper is a very effective method to fish either out of a boat or on foot. To set this up on your leader, first check the length and the leader diameter. You don't need to go too long on the leader to Hopper connection nor too light with the tippet size. For most hopper dropper rigs, I like to start with 2x or 3x to my hopper and about 6 feet from my butt section to my hopper. If conditions merit it I will drop to 4x to my hopper, but that is a small as I willl  go on the initial part of my rig.

The dropper part of the rig is not always the same but the basics are 2 – 3 feet of tippet to my dropper in a size smaller than what I am using to my hopper. For example, if I am using 3x to my hopper then I can use 4x (or 5x) to my dropper. Depending on what State I am fishing in and the regulations, I may add a 3rd fly, if allowed, on another piece of tippet below my 1st dropper. This 12 -18 inch section can be another piece of 4x or a section of 5x if i need to drop down a size.